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Telehealth treatment


I will join you online for a video appointment for 20 minutes and we will discuss your top concerns, particularly anything pain related.  I will teach you some acupressure points and possibly a few other techniques to help ease your symptoms.  Oftentimes people experience some relief from their symptoms while on the call.

$35.00 is the cost of the treatment due at the time of booking.

I suffered multiple broken bones in a bicycle crash about 6 months ago. As part of my recovery, I was getting weekly acupuncture from Ryan in one-on-one and group sessions. Since the outbreak of the coronavirus, I have begun regular telehealth appointments with Ryan.The telehealth appointments are similar to the one-on-one office appointments. During the appointments, Ryan guides me to locate acupressure points to relieve tension, pain, and discomfort resulting from my injuries. I get consistent relief with this approach, and I find that I am able to maintain balance fairly well between appointments. In each appointment, we dive a little deeper, and Ryan gives me additional tools to add to my recovery toolbox.

-Alison, Falmouth

Distance treatment


The Distance treatment is a version of our One on One treatment.  First, write in the note section when booking your appointment what your top concerns are.  Should further conversation be needed around your concerns we will email each other for clarity.  At our scheduled appointment time I check in with you distantly and begin our treatment.  I will use acupuncture and other healing modalities during the treatment.  These treatments are done when you are resting or sleeping, similarly to our work in the clinic.   I will check in the following day to see how you are doing and get any feedback. Something I have learned in doing this type of  work is changes can happen very quickly.

$75 is the cost of the treatment due at the time of booking.

I began weekly appointments with Ryan when I was recovering from an elbow injury. At the time, I was also seeing a chiropractor for pain and discomfort in my neck, shoulders, back, and arm.I was no longer able to keep these appointments under the coronavirus social distancing guidelines. After a couple of weeks without seeing the chiropractor, I began experiencing extreme discomfort. When I emailed Ryan, he suggested a distance acupuncture session. We arranged for him to deliver the session the next night, after I had gone to bed. I went to bed in pain, but I woke up pain free!

I had a short debriefing telephone call with Ryan a couple of days after the distance session, and he shared his findings with me. He was very much on target, pinpointing areas of my body that had been bothering me most. The thing that surprised me was that these were areas the chiropractor had been treating, not areas for which I had been getting acupuncture. Ryan was able to identify the problem areas, without me even telling him. Unexpectedly, I found the distance acupuncture session to be a very effective replacement for the chiropractic treatment.

-Alison, Falmouth

I was going through a rough first trimester of pregnancy, dealing with terrible and persistent nausea. I reached out to Ryan after clinic hours one evening at an especially low point and he asked if I would be open to a distance treatment, which I eagerly agreed to. I was skeptical at first, but feeling so sick, I was desperate for relief. Within a few minutes of distance treatment that night, my nausea decreased dramatically. It was the most notable relief I had experienced since my last in-clinic treatment days before. I was able to catch my breath and have a restful night of sleep, feeling so much better. I wouldn’t hesitate to contact Ryan about another distance treatment in the future!

-Katie, Portland