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I’ve enjoyed the skilled treatment of several wonderful acupuncturists in the Northeast and Northwest United States, but Ryan is in a class of his own. He’s wonderful with needles, and his gifts as a traditional acupuncturist are complemented by deep compassion and a creative mind and open heart. Uniquely intuitive, Ryan epitomizes the best kind of healer – encouraging me to become an active participant, rather than a passive recipient, of the insights we explore together. It is a blessing to have the healing guidance of a skilled, curious, joyful practitioner who can help me heal pain and injury through body, mind, and spirit.

Tavia – Portland

Ryan at MCA has made me feel so much better after just 3 appointments! For the first time in three years I can breathe through my nose and my ears are clear! My digestive issues are calming down and so is the redness in my face. As a bonus I am sleeping better! Ryan really, I mean REALLY cares about me as a person and a patient. He is interested in my entire life not just my body issues. I thought I would be uncomfortable in a room with other poeple, but Ryan makes it comfortable and not intimidating. Everyone just sleeps anyway! By the way, my husband is now seeing Ryan. With good results also!

Nancy – Cape Elizabeth

I have been seeking treatment from Ryan for over a year, after being diagnosed with Crohn’s disease. I wanted an alternative, holistic approaching to taking care of my body. Ryan has been terrific in helping me keep my symptoms under control. So far, I have not needed to rely on medication. His philosophy and treatment has awakened me to a new way of being and I can’t thank him enough.

Alisia – Gray

I should preface my remarks by stating that I first met Ryan Nitz well before he opened his acupuncture practice here in Portland, and I consider him a close friend, a highly valued advisor and teacher, and a skilled practitioner of his ancient art who treats the entire being — physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. He is an exceptional listener and insightful commentator. Some physicians I have known might have been well served had they had Ryan’s manner as a model.

I am 65 years old, a retired US Postal Service Rural Letter Carrier with all the physical aches and pains that can be attributed to my age and years of repetitive motion and heavy lifting. In the past four years I have lost both parents and my wife, have under- gone radical surgery and radiation therapy for prostate cancer, and dealt with post-surgical issues common to prostate cancer survivors. In spite of these trials, I still consider myself the most fortunate man I have ever known, and I give direct credit to Ryan for helping me to maintain the balance necessary to cope with and move beyond them.

I have absolutely no reservations when I recommend Ryan’s services to others. I have done so in the past, and I will continue to do so in the future. Acupuncture is not medicine, but it is healing and health-inducing.

Fred – Hollis Center

When I came to Ryan’s practice I had very limited experience with acupuncture, and high hopes he would stick me with a few needles and I would feel like a new person. That didn’t happen. However, along with the needles and their ability to stimulate the body’s natural ability to heal and maintain good health, Ryan introduced me new choices for living a more balanced life. He asked, and continues to ask questions that help me to think in new ways.

Ryan truly treats living a healthy life with a holistic approach. Having a session often feels like “finding a safe harbor in fierce noreaster.”

Lee – Portland

I recently began seeing Ryan at The Maine Center for Acupuncture for help with a sore shoulder. I had fractured my right arm in May of 2013 and had undergone many months of traditional physical therapy to regain strength and range of motion. I knew the problem I was having would mean more weeks of PT, which I didn’t want. I had tried icing, ibuprofen, rest. It worked temporarily but I wasn’t making progress with permanent relief.

A friend of mine recommended I try acupuncture. She handed me Ryan’s card and I made an appointment. I had never had a full session of acupuncture so I wasn’t certain what to expect. The acupuncture treatment provided relief to the pain in my shoulder. I no longer need to ice or use ibuprofen. The effects of the acupuncture have been cumulative, every week I feel better and better. Ryan has also been able to improve my sleep through acupuncture. I am thrilled with the results. I went twice a week for three weeks and I will see him once a week until the shoulder is 100% pain free. Ryan is friendly and has a quiet, reassuring manner, I highly recommend him.

Angelique – Maine

Ryan is a caring and compassionate acupuncturist who tells funny stories and most definitely treats the whole person. I love coming to Maine Center for my acu nap; I find that no matter why I come for a treatment, muscle aches, digestive issues or just feel a little down, I feel better when I leave. Even chronic issues are improved with a good nap! For $20 to $40 each visit I can afford to come weekly and I am a healthier and happier person because of it. Thank you, Ryan for your help in resolving my health issues and making my life easier and more fun!

Brenda – Maine

I’ve been suffering from back pain since 2001. I have spent many, many years going to a number of different chiropractors, PT’s, orthopedics, and spinal specialists. I’ve done core exercises, have had massage therapy, and have undergone a series of injections to help ease the back pain and shoulder pain. The relief I got from these processes were temporary at best. Then I happened to meet a real estate broker at an open house, and one thing led to another when she told me about Ryan and how he had helped her. I thought, “What do I have to lose?”

I met with Ryan, discussed my situation, and just his calming encouragement made me feel like there was hope. Now, I am ecstatic … after 3 weeks of acupuncture, I have no pain in my back. None. I told him about this burning sensation in my hands which I was told was arthritis and I “would have to live with it.” After the first visit, it was totally gone. Gone! I was scheduled for my shoulder surgery this summer. Ryan told me to hold off … “you could always have surgery, but let me work on it.” Because of the improvement, I have canceled the shoulder surgery all together. I am on Cloud Nine.

My husband was so amazed at my progress just after one visit that he decided to go for his knee. It was injured years ago, swollen, painful, and causing his leg to bow out. Walking was becoming a problem for him. One session convinced him to return. Peter has now had five sessions and his knee is “a million percent better”. As an extra bonus, he is sleeping better at night, not waking up 3 or 4 times.

We are both fervent advocates of acupuncture, and more importantly, of Ryan. Not only has he has done wonders for us, but he’s enriched our lives.

Zoe & Peter – Saco

Thank you. You did it again. Pain is gone.

Peter – Ocean Park

MCA has opened my eyes to alternative healthcare. In just the first couple of weeks of treatment I’ve learned effective strategies to reduce anxiety; experienced significant improvement in digestive health and reduced inflammation and healing of a shoulder injury with acupuncture. I’ve recommended Ryan to friends and family based upon my very positive experience. He is a true healer.

Lou – Scarborough

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