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6 Week Meditation Course at MCA

A Note from Ryan

One of the best parts of being open in our new location at 975 Broadway in South Portland is that we can collaborate with others in our community to host special events, like this 6 week meditation course with our amazing friend Els Heij. Check out this message from Els and sign up for this opportunity to re-charge, relax, and learn something new! Note that the first session is this week – November 9!

As always, I look forward to seeing you for your acupuncture treatment. If you haven’t stopped by our new space, click here to book your next appointment.

Be well,
Ryan Nitz, owner of Maine Center for Acupuncture

MCA Community Event

6 Week Meditation Course with Els Heij
November 9 – December 21, 2017

Have you been wanting to learn how to meditate and have been waiting for an accessible environment to explore? Do you already enjoy meditation and would like to do so in a supportive group? Or are you just curious about ways to find and sustain more peace and freedom? This series is for everyone. No previous experience is necessary.

Meditation is an opportunity to develop the power of observation, the power of the stillness of the observer (you). Meditation demonstrates that the space between the thinking, outward mind and the higher, knowing mind is small. In this class you will learn your innate power of observing and Knowing. Meditation, clear thinking and healthy living based on yogic science are the essential keys that enable you to turn your attention from the concerns of the mind to the potential to live in freedom and joy.


The instructor, Els Heij (BSN, LCSW, RCYT) has been interested in and practicing meditation and healthy living based on yogic science for 40 years. In 1993 she became a certified Hatha Yoga teacher through the Himalayan Institute, and has taught a variety of classes to many different populations. In 2011 she met an enlightened being in the Himalayas of India, who lived the freedom that he spoke of. She has been a part of his ashram; learning and studying under his guidance and with his community ever since. Els is passionate about sharing how to live a yogic lifestyle of meditation and Self-inquiry while living fully engaged in a busy and complicated world. This course is meant to inspire, support, and share peace and freedom.

General Information:

Time/ Dates: 6 weeks. Thursday evenings from 6 – 7pm; November 9, 16, 30, December 7, 14, 21, 2017. (No session on Thanksgiving). 
Registration: E-mail Els at els_heij@yahoo.com or call 570-228-1485.
Space is limited. Let Els know if you can’t begin on Week 1. 
Cost: $50 for the series of six classes. Pay with cash or check at the first session.
If payment is a barrier, please feel very free to speak with Els privately when you call or e-mail to register. 
Location: Maine Center for Acupuncture. 975 Broadway, South Portland, ME
Free parking in lot. 


Email Els at els_heij@yahoo.com

Valentine’s Day 2-for-1 Special


Screen Shot 2015-02-08 at 5.04.09 PM

On Saturday, December 14, 2015, bring your main squeeze or favorite friend in for an acupuncture treatment and they’ll get in for free!  Schedule with the Valentine’s Day 2 for 1 special online, and you’ll pay just $20-$40 (how much is always up to you) for two treatments. Show someone you love the path to health, healing, and joy at Maine Center for Acupuncture.

This special is offered to current MCA patients only, but they may bring someone who is not yet a patient. This offer is valid for one day only during regular hours 9am – 12pm



Ryan’s Winter “Insurance Policies”




Well, here we are, February–what I call the longest month of the year! As the snow has piled up, I’ve noticed some changes in what folks are coming in to be treated for. I went from seeing everyday symptoms like digestion trouble, sleep concerns, colds, and sinus congestion to more acute issues stemming from falls on the ice and overuse of the back and elbows from shoveling. So, I’d like to offer the following “insurance policies.” Both can dramatically improve your ability to have a pain-free winter and each cost roughly as much as one acupuncture treatment. Together, our goal can be to work on your everyday concerns and keep those acute injuries at bay!


Policy #1: Save Your Back

Ergo shovelFor snow removal, I recommend using  this ergonomic shovel. It will help reduce unnecessary strain on your back. It may take a little longer to do the work because the amount of snow you can move is smaller, but your body will thank you–trust me!

Bonus: if you buy a new ergonomic snow shovel Murphy’s Law will guarantee you won’t have to use it! You’re welcome. 🙂

Policy #2: Prevent Slips and Falls

stabilicersA slip or fall on the ice can be painful take a long time to heal. I treat falls every year, and acupuncture can help speed the healing process, but wouldn’t it be nice to know there is an easy and inexpensive way to prevent the injury?

Wearing  these strap-on ice cleats over your shoes and boots will dramatically decrease your risk of falling. I have many patients and professional colleagues who wear these and report feeling 100% confident while walking in slippery conditions. There are many brands available online and locally, and most cost about the same as one acupuncture treatment.


We look forward to seeing you soon, and hope that you’ll consider my recommendations for preventative measures that will keep you healthy, strong, and injury-free this winter! Schedule online now.


Be well,


Ryan Nitz, MAc., LA.C, owner of Maine Center for Acupuncture

November Wellness Tips

The holiday season is upon us. With it comes added stressors and the potential to get sick. Try these basic tips to balance your health and happiness during the holidays.

senior-dress-warmly-200x3001- Wear a scarf. So simple, every time you go outside grab a scarf and wear it. Keeping the back of the neck covered make all the difference in avoiding a cold.

SnowDeer2-Observe nature. With the sun setting earlier our energy level tends to be lower. We need to allow ourselves to hibernate and rest during this time of year. Build in a buffer zone of time to accomplish tasks and listen to your body–take it slow. When we feel restless or unsure, we can mimic nature…Mother Nature will always lead the way.

busy-calendar-help-orig23- Just say NO! Requests will be coming in for our time this holiday season. When we say “yes” to everything, our time becomes stretched thin and our enjoyment decreases. Saying “no” to just a few extra commitments protects us from holiday burnout, resentment, and fatigue.

Should you find yourself sick, stressed, or saying “yes” to everything, we’ve still got your back (and your headache, knee pain, and sleep trouble), so come in for a treatment and we’ll help you find your “reset” button. Schedule now!

Be Well,


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome, friends, to the brand new website for Maine Center for Acupuncture. This redesign is for you–we wanted to provide a more user-friendly design that delivers all the content you need to have your questions about us and the practice of acupuncture answered.

Take a tour through the site, and notice updated pages: About Us, Benefits of Acupuncture, Testimonials, about the Community Acupuncture model and movement, and how to Contact Us. We have brand new pages for Photos, Events,  and Wellness Resources. As always, you can Schedule an Appointment from our website.

We enjoy connecting with patients and friends on Facebook, and hope new friends will engage with us through social media.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be polishing the website and adding our final touches. Come back again soon to check out the changes, and we encourage you to follow this blog, and share feedback.

Maine Center for Acupuncture is a place where healing and relaxation happen. We’re health care you can afford, with treatments between $20-$40 (how much is up to you). We’re here to support your health and wellness–book an appointment today!

Be well,