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About Maine Center for Acupuncture

MCA’s Mission Statement

Maine Center for Acupuncture was created to provide safe, effective, and affordable acupuncture treatments to families, friends, and neighbors in the Greater Portland area. MCA is a place of learning, rest, and healing. It is a sustainable community-based clinic that exists only because people pay for their treatments individually and spread the word to others.

That’s it plain and simple. MCA is Maine’s first full-time Community Acupuncture Center.

Meet Ryan Nitz

Ryan Nitz of Maine Center for Acupuncture
Ryan Nitz
, MAc., LAc., is an acupuncturist and the founder of Maine Center for Acupuncture. Passionate about helping people, his work began as a yoga teacher in 2001 in Washington, D.C. where he helped his students to slow down, both mentally and physically. By slowing down, his students could begin to observe what was going on in their bodies in the present moment, creating just enough space to make positive shifts in their daily lives.

After earning a master’s degree in acupuncture from the Tai Sophia Institute (now the Maryland University of Integrated Health) in Laurel, Maryland, Ryan began supporting people in living a more peaceful and balanced life that also yielded less pain and greater joy. Using acupuncture, Ryan helps his patients reduce physical and emotional pain. While acupuncture has shown to create better overall health and happiness, Ryan also specializes in working with patients who have specific health concerns. He works with people who experience anxiety, digestion problems, insomnia or migraines. Because acupuncture can often help with the side effects of medications, Ryan also works with people going through cancer treatments.

More than just an acupuncturist, Ryan takes time to educate his patients on physical and emotional health. He believes that making some gentle shifts in daily living can help foster a much faster and more positive result in his patients’ goal of better overall health. Whether it is to help people live with less pain or to see new possibilities in their lives, the goal is always the same: to restore balance. Ryan draws on his studies at the Tai Sophia Institute and the laws of nature to help influence his treatment planning. He also enjoys using the work of Dr. Tan’s Balance Method, which uses fewer needles than traditional acupuncture, and finds the method to be an effective alternative for many of his patients.

Ryan lives in the greater Portland area with his young family, where he enjoys the wonderful theatre scene. You might even find him on stage from time to time. When he can, he tries to get in a game or two of golf.


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