Update from Ryan: February, 2016

Wshoveling-17328_960_720hat’s showing up these days…

It must be February, as I’m seeing a lot of patients with back issues – shoveling and people slipping and falling! If you’re experiencing back pain, please come in. We can usually shift the pain rather quickly, and help you get back to your regular activities.

What are you planting?

A question I often get from new patients is how often do I need to come in? It’s a fair question and not always an easy one to answer. Honestly, it depends on what we’re working on. An easy rule of thumb is twice a week until the desired shift occurs. For people with pain our goal is to get ahead of it – then we can back off the treatments. All the while, the pain should be decreasing and/or changing.photo-1444731961956-751ed90465a5

For someone who has allergies, the treatment plan will look a little different. This is the perfect time to start working with folks who experience spring allergies – the work now will pay dividends in the spring! Often times I work in a reactionary mode, treating the symptom versus the condition that leads to the symptom. It’s much easier if we can treat the condition and build up your body so it can react differently to the allergen. People who get treated regularly tend to have a much easier time come spring and summer. Tomatoes don’t grow overnight; they take time and tending. The same can be said for us.

Calling all trusted healthcare practitioners!

128-BLKDoctors, physical therapists, chiropractors, body workers and talk therapists! Our goal is to partner with these good folks to help speed up the recovery of their patients and alleviate their health concerns. Most healthcare practitioners are happy to learn there is affordable acupuncture in their community. If you trust and recommend someone in any of those fields, please email me their contact information and we’ll be happy to reach out to them on your behalf.