June Newsletter: Lessons Learned

Lessons Learned from a Wheelchair

The official date for the start of summer is just around the corner, and something I would have never expected is that I would spend the end of spring working from a wheelchair! As many of you know, I badly injured my knee in a running accident on May 19. I so appreciate all the concern and kind words from my patients, and am grateful for your support as I moved a little more slowly in the treatment room. I am slowly improving with steady progress, and look forward to being fully mobile again soon. Good news is that I’m wheelchair free!

(pictured at left: me and my co-pilot)

(pictured at left: me and my co-pilot)

Two lessons I have learned from my accident are just how fragile health can be, and the importance of fitness. Using crutches and a wheelchair revealed my need to be in better shape. So that’s what I’m doing: every day I prioritize moving towards better health. I hope you’ll join me in this journey into fitness, and that you’ll let MCA help you get there.

MCA delivers summer allergy relief

AllergyTeaIn early summer, I see so many folks with wicked bad allergies. You don’t have to suffer through them any more! Coming in for regular acupuncture treatments can make a world of difference—and will allow you to be outside doing the things you love like gardening, playing with kids, and just enjoying that fresh Maine air! Make your appointment today for allergy relief. Here’s a bonus: our friend Cathleen Miller of Delicious Ginger Teas and Tonics is keeping MCA stocked with her Allergy Relief tea (which has been flying off our shelves!). The organic teas are available for just $5.



Acu Pro-Tip from an MCA patient:

Beach“In the summer, I don’t always plan my schedule–I may go join friends at the beach or take a day trip out of town at a moment’s notice. Acupuncture is really important to me, and so I book multiple visits at a time and add them to my calendars (on my phone and the one hanging in my kitchen). This way, I won’t have any excuses to miss treatments. I need acupuncture to keep me healthy during summer, it helps with pollen allergies, relieves a sunburn, and gives me an hour of peace to just rest in this busy season of outdoor fun.” – Danielle, Portland 

MCA Reviews from YELP:

“We noticed results immediately. My headaches aren’t nearly as frequent, my stress levels are getting better and I’m learning how to really relax.” -Maria M.

“At the recommendation of a good friend I went to see Ryan at Maine Center for Acupuncture. Talk about a revolutionary moment in my life.” -Steff D.

Be Well,

Ryan Nitz, MA.c., LA.c.