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November Wellness Tips

The holiday season is upon us. With it comes added stressors and the potential to get sick. Try these basic tips to balance your health and happiness during the holidays.

senior-dress-warmly-200x3001- Wear a scarf. So simple, every time you go outside grab a scarf and wear it. Keeping the back of the neck covered make all the difference in avoiding a cold.

SnowDeer2-Observe nature. With the sun setting earlier our energy level tends to be lower. We need to allow ourselves to hibernate and rest during this time of year. Build in a buffer zone of time to accomplish tasks and listen to your body–take it slow. When we feel restless or unsure, we can mimic nature…Mother Nature will always lead the way.

busy-calendar-help-orig23- Just say NO! Requests will be coming in for our time this holiday season. When we say “yes” to everything, our time becomes stretched thin and our enjoyment decreases. Saying “no” to just a few extra commitments protects us from holiday burnout, resentment, and fatigue.

Should you find yourself sick, stressed, or saying “yes” to everything, we’ve still got your back (and your headache, knee pain, and sleep trouble), so come in for a treatment and we’ll help you find your “reset” button. Schedule now!

Be Well,


What I’m Thankful For

I’d like to take a moment and share what I’m thankful for these days.

– My beautiful wife and family. Watching my boys grow and explore with each day.

– The healing space and community that exists at MCA. I feel blessed and honored to be part of the lives of my patients.

– The Kansas City Royals for making it to the playoffs and the World Series this year!

– My Dad, who is here from Kansas to join us for Thanksgiving. Our time together may be short but each moment is so precious.

– Pumpkin pie, how i love scrumptious pumpkin pie. FYI- it is great for breakfast, lunch or dinner. ūüôā

I’d love to hear what you’re most thankful for, or how you’re spending your Thanksgiving holiday. Drop us a line on Facebook.

Thanksgiving Week Hours

Next week we will be open Tuesday, November 25 and Saturday, November 29. Schedule early as it our days are limited this week. Enjoy your holiday and safe travels!


Be well,


Welcome to our new website!

Welcome, friends, to the brand new website for Maine Center for Acupuncture.¬†This redesign is for you–we wanted to provide a more user-friendly design that delivers all the content you need to have your questions about us and the practice of acupuncture answered.

Take a tour through the site, and notice updated pages: About Us, Benefits of Acupuncture, Testimonials, about the Community Acupuncture model and movement, and how to Contact Us. We have brand new pages for Photos, Events,  and Wellness Resources. As always, you can Schedule an Appointment from our website.

We enjoy connecting with patients and friends on Facebook, and hope new friends will engage with us through social media.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be polishing the website and adding our final touches. Come back again soon to check out the changes, and we encourage you to follow this blog, and share feedback.

Maine Center for Acupuncture is a place where healing and relaxation happen. We’re¬†health care you can afford, with treatments between $20-$40 (how much is up to you). We’re here to support your health and wellness–book an appointment today!

Be well,